The club shall be known as the Chelsea Supporters Club - Dublin, Chelsea Dublin Official Supporters Club


Chelsea Supporters Club - Dublin is affiliated to Chelsea Football Club. The club is run by a committee elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting and is run in accordance with the Rules and Constitution of the club approved by Chelsea Football Club. The Club seeks to uphold and enhance the good name of Chelsea FC and its supporters and to establish friendly links with supporters of Chelsea FC throughout the world.


The membership year shall run from 1st July to 30th June (no new applications will be processed after December 15th).

An applicant for membership shall complete a membership application form and pay the appropriate annual Fee for local membership.

Any members of the Club who wish to apply for access to tickets orders through the Supporters Club must also be a True Blue/Ticket Only Member. (This information should be supplied on the Dublin membership form). A register of Dublin Supporters Club members will be kept by the Secretary and sent to the supporters' clubs administrator at CFC. Only True Blue/Ticket Only Members will be advised to CFC.

NB: If your membership Number is not provided to CFC you will not be able to apply for tickets through the Supporters Club (no new numbers can be advised after December 15th each year)


The main benefit of being a member of an Official branch is the direct link to Chelsea FC and the opportunity to meet and socialise with other Chelsea fans in the area.


a) Any person applying to join the Club shall be assumed to have read these rules and shall be bound by them.

b) These rules come in to force with effect from June 2009 and may only be varied at either an A.G.M. or an E.G.M.

c) Any matters not covered by these rules or any matters called for further interpretation shall be determined by the Committee by majority vote.

d) The Committee is accountable at all times to its membership and shall report its activities to members at the monthly Branch meetings.

e) All members shall abide by the code of conduct as laid down upon joining the Club, in terms of behaviour. Any breach of this conduct shall render members liable to action by Chelsea FC / Branch

f) Guests: Guest non-members may attend branch functions with the prior consent of the Committee. Payment of an appropriate fee should be determined by the Branch.

g) The Dublin Club is bound by the rules in the Chelsea FC Supporters Club Policy Document.


The Supporter of the Year is drawn at the AGM. To be eligible for the draw a member must have achieved 50% of the maximum points. 

Points are awarded as follows - 10 pts for each club meeting attended, Club Match Trips, Christmas Party and any overnight trips

Prize - Match ticket, flight and one nights accommodation on the club trip


a) The General Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club and shall consist of a Secretary (Chair), Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and other officers as deemed necessary.

b) Should any Committee member not attend three consecutive meetings without due cause, then the Committee shall have the power to expel that member from office for the remainder of that year.



a). Secretary
The Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of meetings of the General Committee and of the Club, and the recording of minutes relating to such meetings and all correspondence relating to the general business of the Club Also responsible for producing a flyer, meeting agendas and liaising with Chelsea. Club secretaries must complete the affiliated application form before ticket applications can be made.

b) Treasurer
The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of all monies including subscriptions and shall keep such books of account as required by the General Meeting. Treasurer shall audit the accounts of the club annually and shall produce at the AGM a balance sheet showing the financial state of the club. The Treasurer must make the General Committee aware of any existing or potential financial or cash flow problems.

c) Assistant Secretary 
The assistant secretary shall assist the secretary in all duties. He or she shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the club in accordance with its rules and general policy as expressed by the majority of its members. Also holds the signing in book and collects monthly subscription.

d) Assistant Treasurer
The assistant treasurer shall assist the treasurer in all duties.


a). An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year

b) Elections to the Committee shall be taken on an annual basis. Members shall be eligible for re-election at the AGM.

c). Nominations for election onto the committee shall only include supporters who are current members of the Branch. Valid nominations must be proposed and seconded by existing members, with the candidate's consent.


a) Only full members, and members over the age of 16 years are entitled to vote at all meetings.


a) This constitution shall not be altered, amended, or rescinded except by a General Meeting of the Club.

b). A resolution to give effect to a change must be passed by least 50% of the members present at the General Meeting.


The following amendments to the Membership and Ticket Access rules were agreed and passed by the 2023 AGM on 16th May 2023.

1. All new and renewing members who are Chelsea fans are welcome to join our Supporters Club.
2. We hold regular monthly meetings and other club events and encourage all members to become actively involved in the social aspect of the Supporters Club.
3. Membership applications are submitted via this online form and all are welcome to join.
4. Annual Membership fees are set out below.
5. Joining online gives you access to our meetings, subsidised club events and our monthly newsletters and competitions.
1. We are the Dublin Supporters Club and members must be drawn from the greater Dublin area.
2. The address on your Account with Chelsea FC must be a Dublin-based or commuter area address.
Member applications from those with addresses outside the area have been rejected in prior years and this is likely to continue. To avoid this, a Dublin based address is advised on your Chelsea FC Account.
1. We are first and foremost a Supporters Club, a like-minded group of Chelsea fans who meet together to support the team. Priority access to match tickets is one of the perks of Membership of the group.
2. The Supporters Club is not a ticket agent, nor does it exist to supply tickets for those joining solely for that purpose.
3. The AGM held on 16th May 2023 voted in the following rules on membership and ticket access – 
• All persons making an application to join the Supporters Club online will be granted membership for that season, on completing the membership form and paying the membership fee.

Continuing long term members

Long term members who renew each year and have a history of support for the club should retain an automatic right to order tickets. Any breaks in membership will lose those rights and new member rules will apply once more.

New joiners in the 2022/23 season
- Members who joined since July 2022 and who have attended a minimum of 2 club meetings/events out of the 12 held that year (including the AGM) will also have an automatic right to order tickets.
- New joiners since July 2022 who do not have at least 2 attendances of the 12 events at Doyle’s this season will drop back into group 3.

New joiners who apply in the 2023/24 season
New members who join for the 2023/24 (who were not members in 2022/23) must attend 2 club meetings in person before being eligible to order tickets after their second attendance.

1. A Chelsea Adult/Teen/Junior Ticket Only Membership (formerly True Blue Membership) is required in the name of each person who wishes to order a ticket for games. 
2. A maximum of ONE ticket per registered member is available.
3. Tickets are for the sole use of that named member only and are not transferrable in any circumstance
4. Tickets which cannot be used by the named member will be eligible for a full refund up to 48 hours before the match takes place
5. Members found to pass on or sell tickets obtained via the Supporters Club will receive a ban from Chelsea FC and Dublin SC.
• By continuing with a membership application, you are agreeing to accept and abide by the Chelsea FC and Supporters Clubs Membership and Ticketing rules.
• In the event of dispute, the decision of the Dublin Supporters Club Committee will be final. 
• There is no obligation for the Supporters Club to provide match tickets for any member, and no automatic right to ticket access exists on completion of a membership form or payment of the membership fee.
• Ticket access remains a bonus opportunity from membership of this group, and should not be the primary reason for joining the Supporters Club.
• These rules were adopted and approved by the AGM of members 16th May 2023, and remain in force until amended by an EGM or subsequent AGM.